Project management,
Site inspection.



For over ten years side by side with investors

S.C. Damax CONSULT SRL was founded in 2006,
with core activities Architectural, engineering and
technical consulting services in construction ,

Site inspection / Engineering
Project management

Technical consultancy activities consist mainly of site inspection and construction management.

Our company provides the Qualified Personnel in Construction Site Supervision services that are subject to Law 10/1995 and HG 766/1997 and regulations in force in the civil and industrial works .

The services provided by our company in site inspection work involves responsibilities to the beneficiary ( investor) and the organs of state control in the field of civil engineering.

S.C. Damax CONSULT SRL is currently under ISO 9001 certification for site inspection .



Site inspector  – individual designated by investor to verify the quality of materials and products used and / or verify proper execution of the construction works .

Law No. 50/1991 on authorizing the execution of construction works ( via methodological norms cap.VI , 1st  section, art.800 , p.2 ) impose that such works should be checked/verified by authorized site inspectors

Is liable to the investor / beneficiary under the law for the verification of the correct execution of construction works , under a consultancy contract concluded between the two specialized parties. The engineer also respond towards competent state institutions to comply with project execution and technical regulations in force


– Finding solutions for architectural composition of the building in question -setting volumes, horizontal and vertical spatial organization , in tune with the technological proposed beneficiary

– Presentation of the project in the form of 3D models Interactive o2c file – Determination of structural composition to support the building in the best conditions , according to the existing rules so as to obtain a lower consumption of resources

– Design calculations, technical project , a project for the construction permit ( CAP) , the execution details (ED) specifications , the list of the quantities of work


Project Management ensures efficient and effective use of resources ( human and material ) and cost due to strategic thinking underlying the project management . This thinking has been developed over the past 10 years by constantly improving the relationship / interaction between key participants in a project : financier , customer , technical designer , the contractor and suppliers of materials and equipment .

Our performance in construction project management is due to combining these values.

Cross-training our team allows us to approach development projects in all phases : initiation , planning , execution and closure. In a construction project , we act as project managers representing the beneficiary, financing institution or general contractor 


The book includes technical construction execution documentation and documents on the realization and operation. It is made by the investor / contractor and handed over to the building owner , who has the obligation to preserve and supplement daily . The provisions of a technical book on usage are required for the building owner and user. Technical Book’s data sheet contains synthetic execution project documentation, the execution of works , including construction permits execution , documentation of receipt, the operation documentation , repair , maintenance and tracking behavior in time of the building (to be completed throughout the life of your building ) , all documents relating to modifications to the initial implementation , both at home and in extra equipment .



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